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About Tampa Bay Mensa

Tampa Bay Mensa is the local group of American Mensa and Mensa International, the world's largest high IQ society, serving the Florida counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Hernando, and Sumter.

With over 700 members, Tampa Bay Mensa is considered a large group, and conducts many monthly events. We offer admission testing and other services to members and prospective members

Our main website is http://tampa.us.mensa.org. You can contact our President at LocSec@tampa.us.mensa.org or our Membership Officer at Membership@tampa.us.mensa.org.


With our local monthly newsletter, Tampa Bay Sounding, the national magazine of American Mensa, Mensa Bulletin, email groups, Facebook groups, national and regional gatherings, weekly local events, and over 150 Special Interest Groups, Mensa provides a wide variety of opportunities to communicate with thousands of other intelligent people. Whatever your interests, pedantic to pedestrian, there's someone here who shares them!

Here is a small sample of the official SIGs of American Mensa: Astronomy/AstrophySIG, Bardolatry (Shakespeare), Burning Man, Chocolate M, Computer Science, Genealogy (GeneSIG), Global Risk Reduction, IQ (Intelligent Quilters), Karaoke-Ms, M-Investment Club, Metacognition, and M-any more! Here is the complete list of official SIGs.

Local Groups

If you live outside the geographic area of Tampa Bay Mensa, you can join the local group that serves your area. The website for American Mensa has links to all local groups. Here are some of the other local groups in Florida:

Qualifications for Mensa

The primary qualification to join Mensa is an IQ in the top 2%, on any of over 200 IQ tests. If you have results of one of the tests that we accept, you can submit those for evaluation. Otherwise, we offer proctored testing sessions with Mensa's official IQ test.

For more information on local testing opportunities and requirements, contact our Testing Coordinator

Educational Programs

Through the Mensa Education Research Foundation (MERF), Mensa promotes the study of intelligence and education in general. Scholarships are awarded both at the national level by MERF, and by Tampa Bay Mensa. If this is a special interest of yours, you can subscribe to the Mensa Research Journal.

Less formally, many local events are as educational as they are fun. From Reading Groups to brewery tours to first-hand research into the physics of roller coasters, education permeates Mensa.


Tampa Bay Mensa offers proctored tests, using the official test of American Mensa. Check the Testing Page of our website for information about upcoming tests, or contact our Testing Coordinator for assistance.


You don't actually join Tampa Bay Mensa; you join American Mensa, and if you live in our geographic area, you will be a part of Tampa Bay Mensa.

To join American Mensa using existing qualifying test scores, visit the Test Scores Page on the national website. To take the Mensa test and join, visit the Testing Page of our website. Either of these paths will start you towards joining American Mensa!


In addition to our blowout annual Region Gathering and quarterly socials/picnics, our monthly Calendar of Events is packed with fun events:
  • Games Night, with more than 20 participants playing games like: Boggle, Trivial Pursuit, Tribond, Dominion, Taboo, Nameburst, and Settlers of Catan
  • Fossil Digs featuring marine fossils from 25 million years ago
  • Reading Groups with discussion of any books that members are reading
  • Shakespeare Nights watching plays and movies, discussing it all
  • Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners, and more
We have a lot of good times. Everything is more fun when you are with a bright, engaged, group of friends.

Prior Evidence

American Mensa accepts more than 200 qualifying tests, in addition to the Mensa test. If you have test scores that you think might qualify you to join Mensa, check our Test Score FAQ. You can tell within minutes whether you already qualified to join, or whether you will need to take another qualifying test.

Test scores do not expire!


In addition to the great events, online groups, publications, and other opportunities to interact with fun, interesting people, members also receive benefits such as:
  • Discounts on auto insurance and car rental
  • Access to Mensa's CareerLink employment service
  • Discounted rates on magazines such as Mental Floss and Popular Science
  • Savings at Edmund Scientific and ThinkGeek
  • A yourname@member.mensa.org email alias
  • other benefits listed on American Mensa's benefits page