Gifted Youth Program

Coordinator Melissa Stephens is busily planning activities and trips for youth between the ages of four and eighteen who are children of members, or are eligible for membership themselves.

Contact Melissa Stephens 813-476-5405 for more information.

Benefits for Parents

Raising a gifted child can often be a challenge. Membership in Mensa allows parents of gifted youth to connect and share ideas. Many parents enjoy the opportunity that Mensa meetings and events offer to meet other parents of gifted youths. Through the organization's national gifted youth program, parents can get information and referral to support groups, research about giftedness, and places to learn more about encouraging gifted youth. Parents of Mensa members may also join the Brightkids email community. On this listserv, parents can debate the virtues of various forms of education, ask opinions about raising gifted children, and swap stories about their experiences with gifted children. To subscribe to this listserv, visit

Admissions and Testing

For information about American Mensa's admission and testing for gifted youth, please visit the special section on their official website.