Event Information

Tampa Bay Mensa currently maintains two Yahoo Groups for the convenience of its members. For the general membership in receiving announcements of upcoming events, we have tbm-gm; for the convenience of members who enjoy chatting with each other online, we have tbm-discussion.

Both groups can be joined through a visit to Yahoo Groups. If you are not already a member of Yahoo Groups, it will be necessary to register with Yahoo — username, password, primary language, a few similar questions.

Once you are registered, type <tbm> into the search line, and you should be able to join the group or groups of your choice without any difficulty. (If you wish simply to subscribe, without any of the benefits of membership in Yahoo (calendar, chat rooms, etc.), simply send an e-mail to one or both of these e-dresses: or )

Joining these groups is restricted to members of Mensa, so a moderator will be notified of your attempt to join. They will authorize you to join the mailing list, after verifying your membership.